How to Acquire 52 Appointments & Capture $398k in Revenue in 30 Days

  • 203
  • Leads
  • 52
  • Appointments
  • 33
  • New Clients
  • ~63%
  • Appointment Conversion Rate
  • 149
  • Additional Leads in CRM

Total Spent on Ads & Mgmt


Total Revenue



If you own or operate a solar company, this case study will show you how an optimized digital strategy can consistently place high quality appointments in your 2020 calendar.

Successful solar companies diversify their lead & appointment streams, and allocate funds relative to the efficacy of each source. Our goal is to explain why generating these leads & appointments internally through an automated digital pipeline will be a crucial element to the efficiency, growth, & success of your business & brand.

The Challenge

This solar company came to us with a goal of optimizing their digital presence. After negative experiences with half a dozen third party lead generators, they needed to figure out a strategy that worked. They didn't have much of a foundation in place; only two social pages on Facebook & Instagram with a few page likes. They wanted to leverage our knowledge to build an automated pipeline that could generate appointments with qualified prospects around the clock. Each prospect also needed to be filtered based on a few criteria like ownership status, credit score, & utility bill.

The Approach

After we analyzed their strengths & weaknesses as a company, learned more about their product offering, & researched their region & target market, we optimized their social profiles & website to develop a more seamless & effective funnel. We also created a YouTube account for the client, which as a plaltform enables us to refine our targeting even more closely. This established an omni-presence that enabled us to reach high intent solar buyers on multiple platforms at once. After setting the foundation in place, we built out our targeted digital campaigns on these platforms to help them start booking appointments on autopilot.

The Solution

After constructing a stunning ad creative for the campaign, we launched several targeted campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. A Message campaign is a specific campaign type within the Facebook ad platform that optimizes for individuals that are more likely to message a business page. In order to filter and qualify the traffic that we were sending to Messenger, we developed custom chatbots to conduct automated conversations with potential clients in Messenger, so that we could automatically acquire crucial qualifying information before our internal sales agents followed up and booked the appointments for our clients. As a result of their new automated appointment pipeline, the company had a list of filtered & qualified appointments in their calendar, ready to be closed.

The Results

During this 30-day period, around $144 was spent to acquire 203 leads at exactly $0.71 per lead. Of those 203 leads, 52 ended up scheduling appointments and 33 became clients. In total, $398,800 in revenue was captured at a total installation and management price of $13,080. In addition to multiple six figures in new revenue, they now have a Messenger list with 170 other leads that can be nurtured with discounts & deals in the future. Messenger is currently one of the most effective forms of follow-up, with open rates of 90%+ and click rates of 30-40%, so if you're a solar company that wants to thrive in this day & age, start building digital assets like a Messenger list to make your life easier.

Justin Jeffers

Chief Executive Officer

“The fastest way to build & scale a brand is to develop an omni-presence. By placing yourself in front of interested prospects on the various platforms that they consume content, you start to build a level of recognition that gives you credibility in the eye of the consumer. This credibility can often be the difference between a company that fails & a company that is able to convert interested prospects into happy customers.”


Large Solar/Roofing Company based in NJ


"Their team has taught me that I never truly understood how to leverage social platforms to grow my business. Their targeted campaigns have allowed me to build an automated pipeline that books appointments on autopilot. Which business owner doesn't want that?"


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