How to Close 7 New Real Estate Deals in 2 Weeks

  • $66
  • Ad Spend
  • 100
  • Leads
  • $0.66
  • Cost per Lead
  • 7
  • Deals Closed
  • 14 Days
  • Time Frame

Largest Property


+ $47,000

+ $39,000

(Total) Earnings

= $252,000


If you’re a real estate professional, this case study will help you learn why digital marketing is the best (and most cost-effective) way to acquire new buyers & sellers in 2020. We know real estate professionals tend to be pretty busy so we’ll keep things concise.

The results above showcase the power of digital marketing done right & demonstrate why it is absolutely essential for real estate professionals to leverage targeted digital media to acquire new clients in 2020 & beyond to get these same returns. Below, our goal is to briefly explain how we tackle this task.

The Challenge

This agent came to us with multiple listings that had proven difficult to sell. She wanted to learn how she could build & leverage a digital presence to quickly get her listings into escrow & consistently get new clients, both buyers & sellers. After testing the lead-buying services that platforms like Zillow & provide, she was desperate to build an automated pipeline that would generate exclusive, high-quality leads, instead of recycled leads that had no interest in her services, often wasting her time and money.

The Approach

After a brief strategy session discussing her strengths & weaknesses, we created & optimized the digital assets necessary to build an effective, automated lead generation system. We started with new Facebook & Instagram pages, allowing us to run our targeted digital campaigns through modern & professional accounts. We also created a YouTube account for the client, enabling us to build an omni-presence, allowing her to get in front of potential clients on multiple platforms at once. The last step in this process was to design & build targeted digital campaigns through each of these platforms, refining the perfect audience to get the 3 highest priority listings off the market & into escrow quickly. With a proper foundation in place, our mission is to drive as many leads as our client needs while simultaneously growing their digital assets & brand awareness.

The Solution

After constructing stunning video creatives for each property, we launched several targeted Message campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Message campaigns are a specific campaign type within the Facebook ad platform that optimize for individuals that are more likely to message a business page. In order to filter & qualify the traffic that we send to Messenger, we developed custom chatbots to conduct automated conversations with prospects in Messenger, so that we could acquire relevant information that most agents usually acquire from long phone calls with potential leads. As a result of these automated conversations, the agent had a list of filtered, qualified, and warm leads that were ready to be closed.


During this two week period, $66 was spent to acquire 100 leads at exactly $0.66 per lead. Of those 100 leads, 30 ended up scheduling and viewing one of the seven properties. Not long after the testing phase ended, all seven properties had been closed and our agent secured $252,000 in commissions. Additionally, she now had a Messenger list of 93 other high-intent individuals for any future listings that she was immediately looking to get into escrow. These results were exclusively generated from her new foundation of highly effective social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube, each running targeted ad campaigns that qualified & delivered leads day after day.

Justin Jeffers

Chief Executive Officer

“The fastest way to build & scale a brand is to develop an omni-presence. By placing yourself in front of interested prospects on the various platforms that they consume content, you start to build a level of recognition that gives you credibility in the eye of the consumer. This credibility can often be the difference between a company that fails & a company that is able to convert interested prospects into happy customers.”


First Team Real Estate Agent


"Working with their team of digital media experts allowed me to understand client acquisition in a different way. Would highly recommend their services to anybody looking to use automated lead gen to get new clients in the door quickly.”


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