How to Close 42 New Loan Deals in 45 Days

  • $473
  • Ad Spend
  • 483
  • Leads
  • $0.98
  • Cost per Lead
  • 42
  • Deals Closed
  • 45 Days
  • Time Frame

Largest Loan


+ $22,000

+ $19,000

(Total) Earnings

=  $650,000


If you're a mortgage broker or loan officer, we recommend allocating the next 2-3 minutes of your time to learn why digital marketing is the best (and most cost-effective) way to acquire new clients in 2020. As an alternative to cold calling & recycled lead vendors, you'll be saving your money on conversions & making a whole lot more from them. This case study will overview how the process works & show you how you can achieve the same results.

The Challenge

This broker came to us frustrated & ready for something new based on previous experiences purchasing leads. After testing the lead-buying services that other companies provide, he was desperate to build an automated pipeline that would bring him exclusive, high-quality leads, instead of recycled leads that had been contacted dozens of times, with no interest in his services. Our money-back guarantee gave him the confidence to move forward, and we got to work to prove our value.

The Approach

After a brief strategy session discussing his strengths, weaknesses, & specific offerings as a broker, we created & optimized the digital assets necessary to build an effective, automated lead generation system. This included creating and optimizing new Facebook & Instagram pages so we could run targeted digital campaigns through these accounts. We also developed a custom landing page so that we could direct targeted, high-intent traffic from Google & YouTube to capture their info & send them into an automated follow-up sequence. After setting the foundation in place, we built out the campaigns necessary to get qualified FHA, conventional, & VA refi leads.

The Solution

After constructing multiple clean & enticing creatives, we launched several targeted Message campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, as well as campaigns on Youtube & Google. Message campaigns are a specific campaign type within the Facebook ad platform that optimize for individuals more likely to message a business page. We developed custom chatbots to conduct automated conversations with prospects in Messenger, enabling us to gather relevant information needed by our client to ensure each lead was qualified. As a result of these automated conversations, the broker had a list of filtered, qualified leads that were ready to be closed.


During this 45-day period, just under $475 was spent to acquire 483 leads at exactly $0.98 per lead. Of those 483 leads, 114 ended up scheduling calls. Not long after testing ended, 42 leads had been closed and our broker secured just over $650,000 in revenue from those loans. Additionally, he now had a Messenger list of 381 other high-intent individuals to be activated in the future through nurture & follow-up sequences. With open rates of over 90% and click rates of 30-40%, Messenger allowed our client to eventually close over a dozen additional deals from that list.

Justin Jeffers

Chief Executive Officer

“The fastest way to build & scale a brand is to develop an omni-presence. By placing yourself in front of interested prospects on the various platforms that they consume content, you start to build a level of recognition that gives you credibility in the eye of the consumer. This credibility can often be the difference between a company that fails & a company that is able to convert interested prospects into happy customers.”


Mortgage Broker - Manhattan, NY


"Working with their team of digital media experts made me realize the power of digital marketing. My acquisition costs are lower than they've ever been & my follow-up processes are automated so I'm working less & making more. Automation is amazing!"


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