How to Acquire 15 New Patients in 7 Days

  • $246
  • Ad Spend
  • 51
  • Leads
  • $4.84
  • Cost per Lead
  • 15
  • # of Appointments
  • 7 Days
  • Time Frame

Immediate Revenue


Total Revenue Generated



If you own or operate a dental practice, this case study will display why digital marketing will be the best way to acquire new patients in 2020. We utilize and enhance the same messaging & offers used with direct mail & other industry standards, & leverage the power of digital marketing to set our dental & orthodontic clients apart from the competition. This case study will demonstrate how crucial it is to build an exclusive digital pipeline in 2020 & beyond.

The Challenge

This dental company came to us wanting to learn how they could leverage their digital presence to consistently get new clients in their door month after month. They'd built out a solid foundation with their social profiles but didn't know how to utilize them properly to convert interested prospects into new patients. They also had a substantial email list and had yet to utilize it, not realizing it was a data gold mine that could be used to drastically increase their business.

The Approach

The process began by assessing the social profiles built by our client, then tweaking & enhancing the layout presentation in a way that would be most receptive to their target audience. After optimizing their social profiles & website to develop a more seamless & effective funnel, we created a YouTube account for the client. YouTube can serve as a vital tool for brick & mortar businesses as it allows additional filtering & targeting to help reach specific geographic areas & communities. Once the foundation had been set in place, we built out targeted digital campaigns on these platforms to help them start acquiring patients on autopilot.

The Solution

After creating a series of beautiful creatives for the ads on each platform, we launched several targeted Message campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. A Message campaign is a specific campaign type within the Facebook ad platform that optimizes for individuals that are more likely to message a business page. In order to filter and qualify the traffic that we we're sending to Messenger, we developed custom chatbots to conduct automated conversations with potential patients in Messenger, so that we could acquire relevant information that dental practices usually acquire from phone calls with potential leads. As a result of these automated conversations, the company had a list of filtered, qualified leads that were interested in booking appointments in the immediate future.


During this 7-day testing period, around $246 was spent to acquire 51 leads at exactly $4.84 per lead. Of those 51 leads, 15 ended up scheduling appointments. Within this time period, 5 patients came in for their appointments and generated $12,000 in immediate revenue, with another $44,000 captured in LTV (lifetime value). In total, from the 15 appointments that were booked, $162,000 in revenue was captured, with $12,000 of that being immediate revenue.

Justin Jeffers

Chief Executive Officer

“ The fastest way to build & scale a brand is to develop an omni-presence. By placing yourself in front of interested prospects on the various platforms that they consume content, you start to build a level of recognition that gives you credibility in the eye of the consumer. This credibility can often be the difference between a company that fails & a company that is able to convert interested prospects into happy customers. ”


Large Dental Clinic Based In CA


"If you're looking to get new patients in the door, these are the people to talk to. We'd had some experience running social campaigns but had never gotten any results. Now, we get new patients throughout the month on autopilot. Definitely worth the investment & their guarantees further demonstrate why they're the best in the business"


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