The Advantages of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The internet is changing the way businesses can market their products. High-Ticket affiliate marketing is one way many businesses are selling products and growing fast. Let’s go through the basics of affiliate marketing, first.

Affiliate marketing allows a third party to promote your products in exchange for a commission per sale generated from their efforts. Affiliate marketing is most commonly seen on social media platforms and online blogs where users will attempt to drive business to a company or a product through the content they push to their followers and subscribers.

High-Ticket Items = Big Money

High-ticket affiliate marketing is where the sale generated produces a very large profit for the affiliate company. Most everyone’s goal on the internet is to produce a substantial profit, and usually for less work. Your commission for selling an all-inclusive luxury vacation will be much bigger than selling a crock-pot.

High-ticket affiliate marketing can be a great source of residual and passive income. It’s even possible to receive affiliate commissions on subscription-based services that will pad your pocketbook for months, or even years, to come! The only costs you have to worry about are the ad costs. You’ll want to find a product that will give you a good ratio of return on your ad spend. This will allow you to be in your profit margins when those sales start coming in.

Examples of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High-ticket affiliate marketing could be anything that would be a substantial conversion. Think “big-ticket” items like a luxurious vacation or a high dollar property rental. The affiliate marketing world is vast, and many companies are doing this. Some of the most lucrative however, are proving to be in the digital space. Hosting sites, eCommerce platforms, and eCourses are all in the high-ticket affiliate marketing category. While the commission structure and payout will vary by business, with the world going online, it’s no surprise that marketing digital products would have the highest payout.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Programs

The affiliate marketing industry in the US has tripled in the last 10 years, with it expected to surpass $8 billion by 2022. With an industry this size and this amount of money going around, the potential to profit is everywhere! It then becomes a matter of finding the program, the price, and the product for you. Some affiliate programs will require a cost to join and some will not, but all will require time and research to get started.

There are programs to teach affiliate marketing, platforms to find affiliate marketing programs, and some companies even have links to their programs at the bottom of their website. Google, exhaustive research, and business planning will be your friends when getting your feet wet in the world of high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Advantages of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing


You will only be coming out of pocket for the startup or advertising cost

You’re not responsible for any business or customer management

You can run your high-ticket affiliate gig from anywhere with internet connection

As long as you understand marketing, you can do high-ticket affiliate marketing

The higher the ticket, the higher the commission

What would earning a high-commission payout on a regular or even semi-regular basis mean for you and your life? What could you do or how could you progress your life, your business, your family, if you had more time and more money to do so? Speak with our experts to not only learn more about high-ticket affiliate marketing, but also how we can help it work for you.