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A Look Inside eCommerce


Since 2016, eCommerce has grown from 7.8% of retail sales in the United States to over 16%. By 2023, that number is expected to reach 23% globally, without accounting for the dramatic economic shift to online sales due to the global pandemic.

What does this mean for you?

If you have yet to hear about the incredible advancements and growth of eCommerce store marketing strategies and ideas, DFY automated affiliated programs and eCommerce platforms that are enabling individuals to sell products to their customers, it is not too late for you to get involved and make big money with some eCommerce automation companies!

Experts Here For You

The next generation of wealth is being accumulated by those who are capitalizing on the inevitable transition to eCommerce.

With a full team of experts, a great marketing strategy for eCommerce store development can be leveraged to take a small market share of a specific product niche, and quickly build an incredible income stream. With virtually no overhead expenses - profit flows freely.

The key differentiator between an average store and one that pulls in $100,000 a month is targeting the right audience. That is the most difficult part - and we know exactly how to get you there.

Put your money to work with fully-managed eCommerce stores

eCommerce Automation

Amazon & Walmart: Domination of the Market

Amazon and Walmart currently hold 59% of the eCommerce market in the U.S.

The online marketplaces of Amazon & Walmart have revolutionized the way people are purchasing goods. That's why we build stores on these platforms.

Walmart and Amazon are the largest online retailers in the U.S. - growing over $100 billion in revenue each year.

Amazon FBA & Dropshipping

Stores sell between 2x-4x annual net profit

FBA - Amazon stores your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, ships all orders, and provides customer service.

Dropshipping - generally - enables the seller to retail products without holding inventory. When an order is made, the supplier sends the product directly to the consumer. This allows for higher margins.


The "Blue Ocean" of eCommerce

Walmart Plus and WFS (Walmart Fulfilment Service) are scaling quickly, and are considered the "Blue Ocean" of eCommerce. With less than 3% of the third party sellers on Amazon and 20% the amount of products, the room for growth is tremendous.

Building Brands

Creating long-term value with Private Label Stores

Private Label brands have continued to emerge as the most valuable assets in the world of eCommerce.

With our background in building brands on Shopify, we use a creative mix of tools to build brands capable of scaling into large volume sellers, perfect for acquisitions from investors looking to purchase stores on platforms such as Empire Flippers, Flippa, or Sedo.

Whether our clients have a product line of their own, or choose to build a new one with us, contact us today for information on what's required to get started building a large eCommerce brand of your own.

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Significant revenue

I came to Optimyze to get digital marketing for my eCommerce business, and wound up buying a store from them. The process takes a few months to start generating sales, but my store is now generating significant revenue and I don’t have to do anything. It’s a substantial passive income opportunity.

- Neel K.

They hook you up, big time

As soon as I started getting results, I shared this company’s services with all my friends and family. They hook you up, big time. Sometimes it takes patience, but it really pays off!

- Brandon P.

Done time and time again

I have to say I literally just joined this business TODAY!!!! I can tell from speaking with Shion that I am definitely among “Like-Minded” people that think outside the box...They don’t have the fears of people telling them it can’t be done because it has been done time and time again....I’m looking forward to doing big things within this company...In the wise words of Shion 'LET’S GET THIS BREAD'!!!!

- Terrance W.


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