Automated Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Learn how to connect your bank account to corporate cash flow
through the power of automated affiliate marketing

A Look Inside Affiliate Marketing

Marketing meets the sharing economy

Affiliate marketing is a win-win business structure in which one party advertises on behalf of another party’s business and is then paid via referral or commission when sales are made.

For you as the affiliate, this dynamic allows you to profit from the sales of successful companies in a multi billion dollar industry.

For the company, this dynamic provides a free traffic stream from a specialized team in an exclusively performance-based model. A no-brainer for most businesses.

Our Platform

Billions of dollars are spent by companies each month to advertise products and services, and billions more are made in profit.

At Optimyze Digital, we have created a platform that enables the greater community to share the wealth of this win-win model, and pushes us to the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry for high-ticket products, programs, and services.

How our platform works

As the owner of an Affiliate Marketing Funnel - your money goes to Optimyze Digital advertising funnels directed towards
high-ticket strategic partnerships, programs, and services.
When sales are closed through your funnel - you get paid, and we make a performance-based management fee!


We manage funnels for high-ticket programs, products, and services. We've already dialed in the KPIs, so you pay us to add your fuel to the fire!

Strategic Partners

Your funnel directs traffic towards our strategic partners - such as various DFY programs, Charter Jet & Yacht rentals, Web Development Companies, and many other high-ticket offers.

Convert Consumers

Whether it's the excellent sales teams of our strategic partners or our very own crew - we make sure sales are being made! From your phone, you're able to passively track the progress of your pipeline the whole way.


As soon as deals close through your pipeline, you're paid commission!


Average revenue generated through funnels per month in 2020: $8,480,100

With an average $481 is spent on each internet user per year the digital advertising industry. has a projected market volume of $136 billion in 2020 alone, up nearly $10 billion since 2019.

Average ad spend managed via Optimyze funnels in 2020: $723,570


Great Service!

Honestly, one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made!

- Milad A.

Doubled My Money!

I invested in an affiliate marketing funnel after finding this company through ads, and was shocked when I started receiving commission checks within a few weeks.

- Payvand I.

Fantastic Service

I highly encourage anyone that is looking for multiple passive income streams to get started with Optimyze Digital. Effective communication goes a long way in any partnership and these guys know how to deliver results!

- Luqman Q.


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